Teaching methodology


During the first class I test my student to assess his chess level and knowledge.
Then, I work with him on areas that he needs the most improvement. At the end of every class, I give them homework and instruction for the next one.
It is very important to have a good atmosphere for the classes. Our goal is to have fun and learn something new. Relax and enjoy!
With my students, I work on different areas:
- Openings and opening novelties
- Middlegame technique
- Basic endgames and endgame strategy
- Game analysis
- Preparation for opponents
- Practical advice


I have helped many players to achieve their goals.
I can provide advice to everybody, from beginners to strong players who want to reach FM, IM or GM titles.
It is important to have motivation for this and everything is possible!
With all my students I have friendly communication and a good relationship.
In my 14 year chess career I have never had a chess teacher! So, I know best how hard it is to have good results on your own.